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    Jan 25, 2011 4:51 PM GMT
    The above title is probably a little misleading. My partner has always been into sports and for many years he was an avid softball player in Denver. He also worked out a gym there...and looked damned awesome. That was before he came back to Kansas and we got to know each other.

    In recent years he hasn't been gym prone. He and I share many interests, but fitness "ain't one of them". LOL. Since he lives in a community 100 miles away, he hasn't had as many options as I, but I know he has become increasingly concerned about his fitness & health status. I've encouraged him to work out with me (he wouldn't hear of it and has even made comments about "me being embarassed about having him work out near me". Just ridiculous commentary at times. He could lose about 25 pounds, but I'm more concerned about he general state of health.

    He finally agreed on his own to begin exercising this week. We've talked more about exercising over the past 2 weeks than probably the last 12 years we've been involved .. combined. He's asked me questions about the YMCA where he will be working out (which is a bit lacking, compared to Wichita, but has all the essentials). I've encouraged him, offered suggestions when asked.. lots of encouragement. Let me just say, I'm thrilled. I told him I want him back in his swimming suit!

    Partnership is such a two way street. During my little "staph" scene last fall, he took a week off and ran my house for me and encouraged me every day.. including my return to the gym. I'm just glad I do a little back in return now..... isn't that what it's all about?

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    Jan 25, 2011 5:00 PM GMT
    you guys seem to know the secret of making a relationship work....good for you...all the best...........................Keithicon_wink.gif