Would you ever do webcam shows?

  • mizu5

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    Jan 26, 2011 7:23 AM GMT
    This is, I suppose, a take on porn acting. We've all seen those webcam shows, someone pays a certain amount, and you go on webcam.

    Ever considered it?

    I know that for a bit I wondered if I could get away with it. But I'm not good at performing sexually, I'm much better in person icon_razz.gif
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    Jan 26, 2011 9:07 AM GMT
    oh, ya, and I bet i'd be real popular................................icon_rolleyes.gif..now you Jeremy on the other hand....would probably make a buck or two....icon_wink.gif
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    Jan 26, 2011 1:25 PM GMT
    I'm not opposed to it on a moral level. Somebody requires a service and somebody offeres it, money is transferred for it. Kosher.

    However I wouldn't feel comfortable myself doing this particualr type of work as once an image of yourself in broadcasted, people can record it, and use it however they wish, whenever they wish. You loose control over your own modesty indefinitely.

    If I were to take a job in the future where public/professional reputation was a pre-requisite to success, then having evidence of this past work to come back and haunt me would not be great, and embaressing for my family. It would be hard for a profession to take one seriously if they could google you doing sexual things to yourself on camera in your past....

    But, if I wore a mask in said pay-per-view web-shows.................Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm icon_cool.gif