So I won a contest a while back for some poetry I had written, but I stopped writing for quite some time. Mainly because I dislike writing most of the time, but I guess today I just decided to pick up a pen.

Had clouds on the mind.

Procrastinating my life away, as I stare into the ever expanding nothingness of space. Laying on my back watching clouds drift by, but not really even contemplating what i'm seeing. My life is a shadow. Ideas and opinions, without ambitions to turn them into something real. I know I have the ability to thrive in any situation, but I wait to move on. When will I take a stance and become the man I am waiting to become?

Always hovering Above
Holding your Hopes
Driving your Dreams
Amidst its immense Mists
Draping sinking darkness
Vapors impeding visions
Ignite your Ambitions
Endure and Discover
What looms within

I will post more if anyone is actually interested.