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    Jan 27, 2011 5:12 AM GMT
    so he's found guilty after all .
    suspended and losing his TdF gold.

    As much as i like Shleck and hate all the doping issues , i find the whole exercise a display of hypocrisy . Like the Shleck brothers run on clear water , or any of the domestiques for that matter.
    One can't condemn those who don't get caught but i can only hear the statements about how cheaters are punished and the virtuous duly rewarded.
    ... riiight.

    Mind you i'm kind of biased , i like Contador and he's kind of cute also..hahaha.
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    Feb 01, 2011 5:23 AM GMT
    The Washington Post says that the clenbuterol found in Contador's urine might have been ingested when he ate Spanish beef. Apparently, livestock farmers illegally bulk up their animals by using it. Unfortunately, it is then ingested by humans.

    But at this point, after SO many allegations over SO many years about SO many riders, it's just gotten to the point where the whole sport seems stained. As one associate told me in New York, there's a lot more money and rewards for doctors who can find untraceable enhancers than there is money for doctors who work to find tests to discover them. Sad - VERY sad - but unfortunately true.

    Contador being out for a year isn't a huge slap - he could've easily been removed for two. The TdF will still go on and will still be exciting (hopefully). And, as the Post states (seemingly in resignation), "After so many previous drug positives, what is one more?".

    But I think that the sport absolutely needs to find an answer to this. It's very tough to root for these guys if we keep suspecting their performances are illegally enhanced.

    P.S.: And as to the 'cuteness' factor, might I suggest you root for Mark Cavendish this year? icon_lol.gif

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    Feb 01, 2011 6:02 AM GMT
    don't you find it odd that suspecting meat of which they knew the origin , they haven't tested it or other meat from the same producer(s) ? Or inquire about people who have eaten the same meat and ask if they would accept to be tested . With the resources the police force possesses, surely it's feasible and would appear the most logical thing to do .

    From what you quoted, we've pretty much read the same article .
    I don't believe it will be stopped but it's not a reason to stop trying i suppose.

    I read Jerome Chiotti's book a while back ( he came out admitting about doping, lost his MTbiking world championship gold medal ) . They start using drugs as juniors and it never stops.

    it's crazy how obsessed we are with enhancing everything . Performers on coke , or as in the classical field on beta blockers.
    Guru and other energy drinks sales exploding globally.
    the every day joe at the gym on creatine , boosters and what's not.

    cavendish is an interesting package
    but i like the dark type . I loved Indurain.

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    Feb 10, 2011 5:21 PM GMT
    I think you just have to accept that the whole protour is doped. Come in second place and hope you are not randomly tested.

    Wasn't it the former Gerolsteiner rider Kohl who basically admitted to widespread doping in the protour, and that the blood passports were a joke, since most of them had been doping since they were juniors.

    This is big money, and big money can hide a lot of things, especially when those charged with looking, turn a blind eye, sure every once in a while they will ring up someone just to give it an air of legitimacy, but hey, the show must go on.
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    Mar 27, 2011 3:32 PM GMT
    yeah, i know.

    and now Contador coming out clean to the eyes of his Spanish association.