The United States "Human Rights" policies......hypocritical?

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    Jan 28, 2011 7:33 PM GMT
    Ok I do not profess to be a scholar on political science....or even anything more than an average Joe just trying to follow world events. But as I am watching the news......obviously, the Egyptians have some serious gripes when it comes to their human rights. I mean, you may think things are bad here in the United States, but then again WE aren't stomping up and down on the army's tanks and risking our lives over for the sake of protesting.

    But the Egyptian leader Mubarak is our "friend".....and many of the news media have referred to Egypt as our greatest "ally" in the region. So..... words seem to be chosen so carefully by our President and higher ups..... I mean we can go into a country like Iraq and "liberalize" it because it is "the right thing to do" for human rights....but we can't go out of our way to say, "Yo need to GO!".

    What gives?

    If I were a country being chastised by the United States regarding human rights I would hate our guts. Who gives us the right to be so selective?

    As I see it, if you are going to make a stand regarding "Human Rights" on the world stage.....your words would mean so much more if they were consistent.
    Even Israel "has faith" that Mubarak will prevail. Huh?

    I am a Jewish man and I believe that Israel's position is.....wrong.

    Human rights as I see are either part of the solution, or you are part of the problem.

    What do you think? Am I out of my mind?

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    Jan 28, 2011 10:49 PM GMT
    HELL NO !!! your not out of your mind !!! Your just like a lot of the rest of us who have become interested enough to do a bit more reading, rather than just listening to the MSM who tells only whats "good for business" so to speak. The US has a terrible human rights record, we have fucked up the middle east for many decades for our "oil" interests.

    Then we found a base so to speak to work from for our "interests" in Israel and a few other country's where we could plant people like Mubarac, not caring what happened to the "little people" as long as they didn't muck up what we wanted to get out of the area so our "interests" could be forwarded and our "standard of living" could continue.

    We brought the Iranian situation on ourselves, we brought the hate from the muslim middle east right down on ourselves. Those little people we allowed to be trampled on are now rising up, to bring about Democracy hopefully, but not of the US brand where its all one sided. Look at how the majority in the UN is going against the US in its blind backing of Israels abuse of the Palestinians/settlements. The US leadership better figure out that the whole world is not fooled any longer as it was pre internet, the world is seeing what we have given our stamp of approval on, in Israel against the Palestinians, in Egypt, in Tunesia, in what we did through the decades in Iran, in Iraq, and Afghanistan and the.

    We through the CIA running interference have really made a mess of things and its not unpatriotic for you to be seeing it and bringing it up, actually its exactly what patriots should be doing when we see our country messing up our world.