After nearly 30 days in office, it's time for newly elected Florida Governor Rick Scott to go.....To the best of my knowledge, the Florida State Constitution does not have a recall provision for a sitting Governor, therefore, pressure has to be put on the guy to leave....and leave soon.

First off, he angers us by spending lavishly on a huge party to celebrate his inaugriation, while much of the state's residents struggle financially. He felt he deserved it.....Next, he says LGBT Floridians basically "do not exist" and we are targets for violence--or death---which is fine by him.

Earlier this week, he screamed for an Arizona-like Immigration Law and surprise here...he got some push back from fellow Republicans. New Florida Secretary of Agriculture, Adam Putnam, and Mike Haridopolous, the President of the Florida Senate voiced concern and opposition that a law to mirror Arizona's would economically bankrupt us and send us into a financial situation worse than California's. Still, Scott wants this law passed as soon as the legislature gathers this spring.

Then he pulls this stunt:

We have tried for years and through several special elections to alleviate traffic off of our roads in Central Florida, namely Interstate 4 through Orlando, by moving ahead and being like other progressive cities and establish a light rail transportation system. SunRail will transport many Orlando and surrounding city residents to work, to venues in downtown Orlando as well as bring economic opportunity to areas with the stations that would be built. One such station would likely be in the Church Street Station area in downtown Orlando which has been dead (except for Hamburger Mary's!) for years. A station there would also bring people to the new Amway Center for concerts, Orlando Magic basketball games and other events.

Also, SunRail would break ground for a state-wide rail network that would connect Orlando with Tampa and Orlando with South Florida.

Sure, the story from CF13 says this is "in review" and the decision is not final, but for our ignorant and thoughtless Republican Governor to even act this way, WHEN THE FUNDING IS ALRADY IN thougtless. Completely thoughtless.

Now I know radical right Republican Southbeach will peek at this thread and leave yet another cat box-like deposit here, but SunRail has been shepherded through the US Congress as well and given it's blessing by the Chairman of the Transportation Committee......Congressman John Mica of the Orlando suburb of Winter Park. And by the way....Congressman Mica is a Republican, and one of the precious few that has a brain in his head and actually cares about those he represents and brushes aside the bile of Rush/Anne/Glen and the rest.....

Those of us Floridians here need to be concerned and start contacting your county Democratic Executive Committees, Democratic state representatives, Equality Florida, the Human Rights Commission, Move On and especially our legal and constitutional scholars here in the Sunshine State before things get much worse. Doing nothing will ensure we have no future.

In reality it is worse now than it was before election day. Let's send this guy packing---NOW.