How can you make a guy cum without even touching his dick?

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    Feb 01, 2011 9:00 PM GMT
    have any of you ever had an orgasm without even touching your dick while bottoming? like a prostate orgasm? icon_smile.gif and if so, how did you do it? haha i think his is hot, and i wanna practice with a bottom to learn how to do this ;) Thanks!
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    Feb 01, 2011 9:17 PM GMT
    I did this with a guy I dated back in December. He came over my shoulder while riding me cowboy style...

    Don't know how I did it...
  • tjmwdm1

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    Feb 01, 2011 10:31 PM GMT
    My boyfriend can get me to do it all the time. If we have sex with me on my stomach and a pillow under me to bring my ass up a bit......he hits me in the exact right spot! It happens most of the time for us when we do it that way!
  • Beeftastic

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    Feb 02, 2011 8:06 AM GMT
    I have made a few guys cum without touching, and I think most of the time it was when the bottom was on their stomach with my drilling from above.

    The key to really hitting a bottoms pleasure centers in that position is to move your cock above his hole a bit (up north a few inches) so that when you push it in his ass there is some pressure on the top of your cock and it forces your cock downward and right into his prostate. Fuck him like that and even if he doesn't cum your bottom will be extremely appreciative.

    But really the times guys have cum without touching themselves I think it had more to do with the bottom than me. I think some bottoms are just so super sensitive in their ass, something I am very jealous of, because being fucked is nice for me, but is never like the ecstasy I see bottoms experience.
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    Feb 09, 2011 3:23 AM GMT
    I had 1 boyfriend (actually the only person) that made me cum like that, in every position, every time. I have missed him for 15 years now. I caught up with him a few years ago on Facebook. He told me I was the first guy he had ever had anal sex with, really......the irony.