Candidate A:

A person who only has been on the political scene for 2 years
A person who has never written a word on any bill
A person who has ZERO executive experience (which entails never knowing what it is like to be in charge of a budget, a states military, having their own cabinet, ect)
A person who is anti-gay marriage but in support of Same sex unions
A person who has such a lack of record no one knows where this person stands on many issues when it actually comes to voting
A person who is pro choice
Candidate B:

A person who has held an executive position in their respective state for over 10 years
A person who has turned a multi-billion dollar deficit and turned it into a surplus within 1 fiscal year
A person who has cleared their state of political corruption through various executive orders
A person who has created jobs all throughout their respective state in a down economical time
A person who upon entering office cut their pay
A person who has a record of cutting property, income, and corporate taxes
Wrote a bill that ended large corporation tax loop holes that were costing the tax payers billions annually (while the companies were reporting record profits)
A person who is for same sex unions, but against same sex marriage
A person who is pro-life
A person who removed extraneous and frivolous spending by the state on luxury items
A person who was able to give the surplus they created back to the citizens of the state via a check (withholding the amount to prevent research of who this person is)

I will reveal the true identities of these two political candidates a response or two.. the facts might surprise you