UK - Fat patients 'prompts ambulance fleet revamp'

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    Feb 03, 2011 5:52 PM GMT
    UK - Fat patients 'prompts ambulance fleet revamp'

    "A few years ago - probably only 10 years ago - your average patient was 12 to 13 stone, now that's probably 17 to 18 stone. And we quite regularly see patients around 30 stone in weight and even bigger than that."

    (1 stone = 14 pounds)

    12 to 13 stone = 168 to 182 pounds
    17 to 18 stone = 238 to 252 pounds


    That is a huge average weight increase in 10 years....why has there been such a huge change in such a short period of time in the UK?
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    Feb 04, 2011 2:37 AM GMT
    It's the same thing that's going on here. Patients are routinely morbidly obese nowadays: year, patient care director Colleen Becker decided to check the numbers. She looked at a daily hospital census — about one-third of the 900 patients weighed 350 pounds or more.

    Startled, Becker checked another date, then another. The numbers were consistent. On some days, half the patients were obese. Some weighed 500 pounds or more.

    "We ran the data again to make sure we weren't hallucinating," Becker said. "We weren't. So we had to somehow figure out the appropriate supplies, equipment, training and care for the patients we're dealing with."