Long story short me and a guy was suppose to meet for a while but he always been busy. He sent me a pic and I was like cool. The first time he was free I had to help out a friend so I couldnt meet him. This second time he was free was recently and I was hesitate we had a set time but he had to make it later. I knew he was goin out of town so was trying to work with his time. He wanted to be alone and was alone on the set time but wasnt after. Well I had him stall til no one was home but everyone ended up popping up and was just one person here. He had to leave though cuz he had to go out of town on business. Literally I opened the door and I couldnt think. He even wore shorts for me and I seriously couldnt breathe when he came out the bathroom in shorts. HOT!! But he had to leave so he just came to meet me. Cant get the picture out of my head. I cant believe I had him stall. What would you do if u you were in that situation? I really hope he gets free time again soon