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    Feb 08, 2011 11:20 PM GMT
    Stereotype about us gay men. And by favorite I mean the one(s) that are most annoying to you and/or that comes up the most with you?

    For example with me the ones that come up the most are that because I‘m gay I love Lady gaga and dance music. That she is a gay icon to me because she loves gays.

    Now to me this is further from the truth than anything else.

    1. I love Gaga not because I love dance music, or because I'm gay and she loves gays. I love Gaga because she stands for many things to me. The one thing she stands for the most, for me at least, is respect. Because you don't have to like someone for who or what they are to respect them. You should respect them if they respect you. And she is a prime example of that. Many people hate her just for the fact that she makes generic pop music, which is debatable. Yet they will love Britney, Katy, Rihanna, or Kesha. The thing is they also make generic pop music. But Gaga stands for something more, and stands up for people, mainly for us gays. And if it was the case that I loved a pop-artist for nothing more then them being fabulous and making pop-music, then I’d love Britney (***not attacking luvitohateit). But no, I love Gaga because of the message(s) she conveys. That you don’t have to like what I do or how I am, but you should respect me because I respect you.

    2. And I don’t like dance music because I’m gay or because I love Lady Gaga. I fucking love dance music, because like I have said before, I love to move. I love to dance. I love bobbing my head to an awesome beat and other things LMAO JKJKJK!!!!! Haha. And I love catchy lyrics. Sue me.

    So what are your guys’ most annoying stereotypes?
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    Feb 08, 2011 11:34 PM GMT
    Guuuurl, whatchu talkin bout stereotypes here for? Don't you know all gay menz is adorable little angel princesses?
    *does the Z snap and shakes tush*