Scientology & Homosexuality

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    Feb 09, 2011 5:23 PM GMT
    extracted from:

    The Apostate

    By Lawrence Wright

    (page 24)

    ... Hadn’t certain derogatory references to homosexuality found in some editions of Hubbard’s books been changed after his death?

    Davis admitted that that was so, but he maintained that “the current editions are one-hundred-per-cent, absolutely fully verified as being according to what Mr. Hubbard wrote.” Davis said they were checked against Hubbard’s original dictation.

    “The extent to which the references to homosexuality have changed are because of mistaken dictation?” I asked.

    “No, because of the insertion, I guess, of somebody who was a bigot,” Davis replied.

    “Somebody put the material in those—?”

    “I can only imagine. . . . It wasn’t Mr. Hubbard,” Davis said, cutting me off.

    “Who would’ve done it?”

    “I have no idea.”


    “I don’t think it really matters,” Davis said. “The point is that neither Mr. Hubbard nor the church has any opinion on the subject of anyone’s sexual orientation. . . .”

    “Someone inserted words that were not his into literature that was propagated under his name, and that’s been corrected now?” I asked.

    “Yeah, I can only assume that’s what happened,” Davis said.

    After this exchange, I looked at some recent editions that the church had provided me with. On page 125 of “Dianetics,” a “sexual pervert” is defined as someone engaging in “homosexuality, lesbianism, sexual sadism, etc.” Apparently, the bigot’s handiwork was not fully excised.

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    Feb 09, 2011 5:44 PM GMT
    Here's some history.

    He changed his mind.

    If he was still alive, possibly next week he'd be saying Scientology is babble-gook. icon_lol.gif


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    Feb 09, 2011 10:15 PM GMT
    I think L. Ron read his buddy Heinlein's "Stranger In a Strange Land," and thought "you know I could actually DO this."

    Where Heinlein outlined a phony church of Foster and the "pure" Church of All Worlds as a counterpoint, Hubbard copied the hierarchichal template exactly, including celebrating a materialistic and hedonist spin on the quest for enlightenment, refined with the allure of elitism and exclusivity.
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    Feb 09, 2011 10:19 PM GMT

    UC and aunt of mine was a minister for this so called church.

    Just look at this:
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    Feb 09, 2011 11:47 PM GMT

    OK, so I look at that link you provided. I'm happily reading along (I burst out laughing in the Xenu story at footnote number [8]) and eventually come to this:

    "Scientologists warn that reading the Xenu story without proper authorization could cause pneumonia."

    Oh GREAT. I find this out only AFTER I've read the story!! icon_eek.gificon_cry.gif

    you BASTARD!

    I'm totally gonna die now of poo-noo-monia cause YOU said "look at this" without warning me that I might DIE if I do.


    I'm bitter.
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    Feb 11, 2011 1:36 PM GMT
    Fear not, my sweeting, for the millions that have read it have yet to develop even a cough.

    Did you check out news today? rofl, big goings on with a defection from the C of S.

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    Feb 11, 2011 2:20 PM GMT
    Scientology is a dangerous mind-control cult that uses forced abortions on its members, has infiltrated the federal government in efforts to steal incriminating documents from the FBI, has forced labor "reeducation" prison camps, has been banned by several governments around the world... and is based on a wacked-out science fiction fantasy that even the faithful are not allowed to know about until they have reached the highest levels and "contributed" over $380,000.
    Not to mention their founder's printed statements (now retracted and redacted, since TC and JT are high-up in the cult) that homosexuals are "low on the tone scale" and deserve to be eliminated.
    They could hide all this in the pre-Internet days, but now anyone can find out what is behind their scam.

    Just look up Xenu or Scientology or Dianetics or L Ron Hubbard at Wikipedia, and then decide for yourself.
    And from an insider's perspective, << LINK HAS BEEN FIXED
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    Feb 11, 2011 2:51 PM GMT
    My friend's mother, who raised four kids on her own while working full time, finally retired. She sold her home here in NY and moved down to Clearwater Florida and almost immediately got caught up in Scientology. Two years later, she had lost so much money through whatever her involvement had become, that she had to go back to work and ask her kids to take her in. She moved to Wisconsin to live with one of her daughters and her family, but she still kept in contact with members at the "church."
    Her only son is also heavily involved in the "church" as well. At one point he removed himself and only spoke badly about it, but then went back even more intensely than at first.

    Because of this personal witnessing of what it can do, I wanted to check it out for myself. I went to a center in NY and immediately felt the cult-like atmosphere of the place. Everyone was incredibly friendly, too friendly. They wouldn't just say hi, they would sit down next to me and almost flirt. One after the other.
    I filled out a huge questionnaire and watched a video introduction. They wanted me to stay for a meeting, but I made up and excuse to leave. Going through their listing of classes, they all sounded incredibly interesting and possibly helpful towards some things I was going through with work and life matters.

    The follow up to the visit is what scared me off to any interest. I would get calls at all hours from a "Christie" or "Amy". Their messages never said they were affiliated with the center, but the contact number was the same. Then the mailings, tons of brochures, cards, invites, letters.

    I don't know. To each his own, but I fall into the type of person that thinks there are subliminal messages in white noise, so it's just not for me.