YESSSIREE !!! CEASEREA 4 is offering "EXTRA CREDIT" for merely "CONTEMPLATING WHO IS TRYING TO BENEFIT FROM THE SETTLEMENT ISSUE" you'll have to see it with your own eyes, and see what "EXTRA CREDIT" CEASEREA 4 offers and what a stretch it is to get the credit. but this tops them all !! C4 actually suggests that the Palestinians are trying to benefit from the settlement issue, rather than the Zionist expansionists. This stretch was just too good to pass up since "EXTRA CREDIT" is involved. (see it under Zionism in the "ALL THINGS GAY"

you'll have to take a look at POUNCER'S map of Settlements in the West Bank, then following it is CEASEREA4's map, and read his offer of "EXTRA CREDIT" (you'll find it about 8 or so posts back and is easy to recognize with the maps) ITS PRICELESS if your interested in what kind of things the Palestinians are being put through at the hands of such Zionist Fanatics. If not, don't bother !!!