Valentine’s Day-Where are You.

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    Feb 14, 2011 8:28 PM GMT
    Valentine’s Day-Where are You.

    Single, dating, or in a committed relationship.

    Been wanting to explore this for awhile now, but hell who can think of a better day to get around to it. Where are you in the partner world, a single man like me who everyone wonders why you are single, one of the many men dating a guy enjoying the warm fuzzy period or gotten to that content area know as a committed relationship.

    There are those single guys who like the ability to go out and drink, fuck, and enjoy who they can find, and tonight they are looking for the lonely man who they can sink their teeth into and leave come morning. Then there are those who are afraid to truly commit so they might see the same guy(s) over and over again but never really put a label on it and will never take the next step. In walks the single guy who is single cause, hell he can’t find the right type of guy (or vice versa). He wants a relationship, with connection, attraction (both mental and physical) with a man who’s honest, caring, etc. Usually we are the one’s home blogging on Valentine’s Day knowing better then to head to the lonely bar to find the above mentions single guy.

    Most of the guys who are dating are in the warm fuzzy stage, gotten the sex multiple times a day out of their system and moved on to mostly once a night but still you see them always cuddling, smiling, and “taking on the world” together. Great to be par to of this group, and nice to see when they get to the next stage and make it. Look down the bar and sure you will see the guy who is “dating” a different guy every week, for some reason they need to have a guy in their life to feel fulfilled or something of the like, never understood it… If you glance around sure you will find that couple that as been dating for awhile but some or all of the magic is gone and they are trying to figure out what to do without talking to each other. Maybe they need to spice up the bed room with a third, or have a romantic valentine’s night to show how much they still love each other. Go home and actually talk boys it will help out more then anything.

    Last we come to the committed relationships, the ones that are true, lasting, and the guys have figured it out. Here we have two men that some days will fuck like horny bunnies, and other will enjoy a reprise in the warm fuzzy feeling that reminds them of their younger days, have become honest, open, and always attracted to one another. They have made it thru the fights, concerns, worries, and fears together coming out stronger in the end. They have found a man who will stand beside them, because they have stood for them first. They know love is not defined but just is and can’t be understood. They shake their heads at the single whore knowing one day someone will catch him, the scared single man who will finally realize what he’s been missing out on, and smile and the single man who they know will one day find his match. The reminisce on the warm and fuzzy couple, wonder at who will be the next “boyfriend” for the weekly dater, and hope the semi-long term couple will figure out how to make it long-term.

    It’s Valentine’s Day, where are you?
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    Feb 14, 2011 8:45 PM GMT
    Simon78928 saidIt’s Valentine’s Day, where are you?

    Home at this computer, but soon to shower & dress for our dinner out with reservations. I always take my husband to dinner on Valentine's Day. But a kinda funny story:

    We only have 1 car now, because I rarely drive due to my health. But for over a week I haven't been able to get the car away from him long enough to go get his Valentine's candy box I had planned, and I was getting desperate. We're always together, I couldn't think of an excuse to drive the car without him wanting to come along, and drive it himself.

    So this afternoon we drove to another town pick up a donated bicycle to raffle off to raise money for the SMART Ride for HIV/AIDS. And I put our bike rack on the car to carry it back.

    We got back here, and I told him to take the bike inside himself, while I'm gonna spend some time "adjusting the straps" on the rack, for the longer trip to Key West we have in 10 days, when we'll be bringing back home another special bike with us.

    He takes the bike inside, and as soon as he closes the door I jump in the car and RACE over to a nearby candy shop, to get the Valentine's box I want. I guess I looked so wild-eyed that a woman ahead of me let me take her place ahead of her. Then I raced back home, parked, and quickly ripped the rack off the trunk and threw it in the back.

    Sprinting up the stairs (or my version of sprinting), I presented him with his Valentine, along with a matching card I already had. "When did you get this?" he asked me, because he knew I had never been out of his sight.

    So I told him this story, and we both had a good laugh. I love deception, when it's for a good cause. icon_biggrin.gif