Nerds, Ramshackle Humans, and Politicians

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    Feb 21, 2011 1:38 AM GMT

    I thought about something a medical doctor had stated to me some forty years ago yesterday for the first time in many years. What struck me after recalling those words was not how uncommon or unique his words were, but how the truth of them had been perverted by ramshackle humans and politicians in this day.

    My late good friend had said, "Acquire knowledge." "It is something no one can take from you."

    These words are incredibly hollow in many circles today. Here in Georgia, we have a city school system run by a bunch of ramshackle humans who believe progress for their students is assisting those students in cheating on standardized tests. After all, something has to be wrong with the test, as we are all of equal capability. Go figure. No wonder the doctor who graduated from this system (and made it through medical school with similar assistance) confused 10 milligrams with 10 grams and overdosed his patient.

    I thought of what my doc had said after meeting an eighty year old family member for lunch yesterday and touring a test plot of pine trees, which he had assisted in the development of in partnership with a local agricultural laboratory. At twelve years of age the trees range in height from 92 feet to 112 feet. Their caliper, the diameter in inches at breast height, ranges from 8 to 12. This is phenomenal growth.

    Now how does this relate to my thread title and my doc’s statement you may ask? For one, there is some politician out there – a ramshackle human him or herself – who would use this feat to shout the greatness of America while the whole time thinking about how much tax revenue can be gained off the profit from this new tree so as to provide for those ramshackle humans who vote but produce damn little.

    Isn’t it grand? In reality those ramshackle humans depend on the NERD. While the nerd truly has no reason to use this knowledge for anything other than amusement; this nation of ramshackle humans needs someone to actually be productive and get their respective asses out of the fire.

    Those of you, who live life through sociologically pink shades, will note that the nerd is also dependent on those ramshackle humans. Well, maybe not so much as you think. After all, nerds tend to be prepared for the worst of circumstances.

    Today, when acquiring knowledge, it is important to learn first how to protect it from the thief. The thiefs skills at stealing are far better than his skills at producing.

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    Feb 21, 2011 2:05 AM GMT
    It's like an Ayn Rand seance expect she was a marginally better writer. icon_rolleyes.gif
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    Do you know Jesus?