So i'm comforting myself by hoping i'm not the only one going through this...I turn 25 this Friday and i'm assessing where I am in life. I graduated from a fairly prestigious school here in Canada with a degree in criminology, but I dont really like school so i don't plan on heading for any more till I see where it could take me, by this I mean that if my job required me to do more schooling, i'd do it for sure. I've applied to the RCMP (dad works for them and apparently they're not hiring since no one's retiring...), i've applied to the military (supposed to go back in April to check on my application's status - ill be there April 1st at 8am!), and just today I applied to the OPP (Ontario provincial police).
I'm currently just coasting along in the retail industry (got me through school) and am an assistant manager of an Aldo shoe store not what i wanna do. Everyone tells me the same thing, "you have a job, benefits, guaranteed full-time hours with a solid company" and that's great and all, but ... you get the point.

Soooo, heres whats happening. My lease is up in April, I have no desire to live with either of my parents (love em, but it just wouldnt be conducive for a job and i'd feel like im taking a step back) (ill go into detail later in the forum if I get enough responses telling me to move in with them). I have skills that can go anywhere in the world basically. I have dual citizenship for Canada and the US and can therefore work and live down there. I'm not tied to anyone here, i want a relationship but guys just don't wanna be committed it seems, and I enjoy my dignity so I won't fight them on it.

The other day I was shopping and the associate helping me was saying how he has an accounting degree but is stuck working at Club Monaco 15 hours a week... is it bad that hearing his story made me feel better? lol.

gimme some advice people icon_confused.gif