Had a dream last night...

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    Feb 22, 2011 1:44 AM GMT
    It felt so real...I dreamt last night that there was this guy, someone I'd never seen before in my life (at least, not that I could remember anyway, maybe my mind just made up a guy). I don't really remember exactly what he looked liked...but whatever he looked like, he was handsome. I remember, he got real close to me, in my intimate space. I didn't really have anyway to get around him, I was just kinda stuck there. But he caressed he so gently my shoulders, down my arms and back up. Then he kissed me, we were making out, his warm soft tongue exploring the space of my oral cavity. I could FEEL him in my dream kissing me and holding me, touching me, like it was my first time (which was about 4 years ago.) He had his arms around my torso, and he just pulled me in so assertively, touching chests. Any hesitation I had before was entirely lost in this, I just melted in his arms.

    Waking up from that, it made me sad...I feel doomed to a life of being forever single. I know it can't be true! I thought getting into better shape would make more guys notice me, but I feel as invisible as ever...I try to talk to guys, get to know them, but then conversations just ultimately die. The guys I talk to make almost no effort to try and engage in conversation themselves; they might make efforts at first, but then they just...stop. I'm a very open-eared person, someone who legitimately wants to get to know people personally, but absolutely no one is interested...Is there something wrong with me???
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    Feb 22, 2011 3:11 AM GMT
    RELAX.....you will find him or better, he will find him.

    relax and enjoy life or leave Oregon and head to the east coast for some r and r and a reality check.
  • Desmondlug

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    Feb 22, 2011 6:31 AM GMT
    Creepy. I had a similar dream. It made me cry a bit lol.