A reason to love PEI: Police called; escort seal from city street

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    Feb 24, 2011 4:58 PM GMT
    Seal escorted from city street

    The Guardian

    Published on February 24, 2011

    Charlottetown police were called to the Murchison Lane area of the city early last evening regarding a seal on the street.

    Apparently a seal wandered onto the street from the shore area posed a potential road hazard.

    Fisheries and Oceans personnel were called and removed seal, relocating the animal to its natural habitat.

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    Feb 24, 2011 5:17 PM GMT
    Gotta love living in a capital city where this is the front page news item.

    Stories like like this, and one a while back about finding helium balloons released from some birthday party in New England (then tracing them back to what party they came from ( 2 claps and a yay for investigative journalism on PEI! )

    Yes we have had a couple of real crimes - there have been 3 murders in the province in the last 30 years. (one a gay man strangled - still unsolved - another a woman killed by her husband and her body never found. The last was a month or so a go where a 23 year old guy fighting with his 21 year old brother shot and killed him with a hunting rifle.

    A recent armed robbery turned out to be a lie -- the employee stole cash and made up a story of being robbed at knifepoint (and the store - a RADIO SHACK! - didn't even have cameras, so they believed him. Eventually he confessed when the cops could not find ANYONE who saw this supposed robber running away.

    Serious crime here is mostly white collar and street level petty stuff.

    Then there is that ongoing investigation into the arson at Little Pond that burned down the house of a gay couple, who have left and gone back to BC.

    It is a bit unsettling that somewhere someone here firebombed a couple's house while they were in it in the middle of the night, because they were gay. But this is also the province where the biggest news story of the year was public outrage over a fox being run down by snowmobilers.

    (As a measure of public opinion, there were calls for similar treatment and outrage for the Little Pond arsonist(s) when are caught as for the killers of the fox.) Nice to know gays rate at least as highly as foxes. icon_biggrin.gif