Ok so i'm organizing a lifting plan overhaul and I want to maximize definition, but also gain weight obviously.

First part was switching my muscle groups I workout together every week to get some sort of muscle confusion out of it.

So my week would look something like this

Mon - chest and back (as opposed to my chest and tri usual)

Tues - Bis and Tris (as opposed to back and bis)

Wens - Shoulders and traps

Thurs - legs

Fri plyometrics/kettlebell

sat/sun - rest days.

On top of this, since i'm in the army I do PT in the morning 5 days a week, usually cardio is a huge part of it, but with some sort of strength training 2 days out of the week, but it's all body weight exercises anyways.

Please critique me, and give me specific workouts to each muscle group, much appreciated!