Gay Israeli activist Ezra Nawi was arrested for protesting the demolition of Palestinian houses.

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    Feb 28, 2011 2:05 AM GMT
    Ezra Nawi has been active for years in the area known as South Mt. Hebron. The Palestinians in this small desolate area in the very south of the West Bank have been under Israeli occupation for almost 42 years; they still live without electricity, running water and other basic services, and are continuously harassed by the Jewish settlers who constantly violate both Israeli and International law, and are backed by a variety of Israeli military occupation forces, all of which operate in an effort to cleanse the area from its Palestinian inhabitants and create a new demographic reality in it.

    Nawi's persistent NON VIOLENT activity in the area is aimed both at aiding the local population in its plight to stay on their lands, but also at exposing the situation in the area to both the Israeli and international public eye. The latter is very much not in the interest of the Israeli settlers who complain that Nawi is disturbing the "status quo" in the area. Nawi has received threats on his life from the settlers in the past. The chief of the investigations in the Hebron Israeli Police once admitted that what Nawi is doing in the area is "exposing the dirt laying under the rug..."

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    Sick Israeli ZioNazi soliders

    Palestinian view
    The Palestinian People see the mass immigration - mainly from Europe, the United States of America, and Arabic countries - of modern-day Israelis to this region of the world, their acts of warfare, and the establishment of the state of Israel as an act of illegal occupation. This occupation has consequences for hundreds of thousands of Palestinians living in refugee camps in several countries in the world, including destruction of villages perpetrated against those Palestinians that are still living in their land today, and the increase in Israeli settlements in the remaining Palestinian villages and lands.
    [edit] Israeli views

    The traditional Israeli view has been that there is no such thing as a separate Palestinian people, distinct from other Arabs, at least historically. The borders of historical Palestine and surrounding countries were arbitrarily determined and there are already several Arab nations.[citation needed]

    However, as of April 2010 the Likud government of Prime Minister Netanyahu have given speeches in favor of the creation of a Palestinian State. According to an April 2010 poll more than 78% of the Israeli public supports a two state solution.

    Arab views
    Before the creation of Israel, Arab leaders supported the creation of a united Arab state encompassing all Arab peoples including Palestine, so that no independent Palestinian state would exist, but this became a minority view amongst Palestinians during the British Mandate, and after 1948 became rare. It is still an opinion expressed regularly in the Arab states outside Palestine (especially Syria due to its attachment to the Greater Syria Movement which was launched in 1944 to establish a "Syrian Arab" state that would include Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Palestine.) However, it is generally recognised that such a development has become implausible under current political realities and even those who might favor it in some circumstances support an independent Palestinian state as the most achievable option.

    Syria joined Egypt in founding the United Arab Republic (UAR) in 1958 during a period of Pan-Arabism as the first step toward the recreation of Pan-Arab state. The UAR was to include, among others, Palestine. The UAR disintegrated into its constituent states in 1961.

    Egypt held Gaza and Jordan annexed the West Bank between 1948 and 1967. During those years, Egyptian President Nasser created the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) in 1964. In 1959 Fatah was formed in Kuwait City, Kuwait by a group of ex-pat Palestinian professionals, including Yasser Arafat working in the Gulf states, with similar aims.

    Nowadays, most Arabs (Christians and Muslims), and some anti-zionists Jews , support Palestinians' rights to self-determination and support Palestinian refugees and their right to return to their homes and lands of origin in Palestine (what it is now Israel and Palestinian territories) (see return of Palestinian refugees).
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    Feb 28, 2011 4:27 AM GMT
    as much as I support palestinian land/human rights. I think your use of the word "zionazis" is actually really counterproductive to any struggle.
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    Mar 09, 2011 10:19 PM GMT
    Palestinian residents of Israel are equal in rights, yeah bullshit. These Palestinian residents are without modern utilities and running water and good schools. Yet C4 will continue his mindless propaganda on how Palestinian and Arab residents of Israel enjoy equality under Israeli law. A gay Israeli activist is arrested for criticizing Israel's demolition of Palestinian homes and its lousy treatment of its "Palestinian citizens". This is just valid proof that Israel is no democratic republic unless you tow the line of the hard liner administration in Israeli national government. Israel is a free country, if you believe that bold faced lie than I have a 200 mile stretch of rural interstate for sale.