Moving to Boston.... Help!!

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    Feb 28, 2011 2:45 AM GMT
    Hello all you Bostonians (or those who may have lived there?)!!

    I'm moving to Boston in a few months to for a job for about a year.... I'm a DC guy through and through, so I'm thinking I'll like Boston because they have some similarities. I am worried about the ass-cold weather but... what can ya do.

    If anyone could provide info on some (or all) of:

    1. Cool areas to live in. (My job will be at Boston Medical Center, so somewhere accessible/close to that area). It doesn't have to be the gayborhood but if the gayborhood happens to be a cool area then there we have it. I want something safe, fun, convenient.... Where does one want to live to get the "best" Boston experience?

    2. A sense of what there is to do.... good restaurants? Activities in both the warmer and cooler months? Cool parks to go to?

    3. What gyms are good? Prefer something clean, modern.... haha. This is a big big question!!

    4. Gay nightlife? Bars? Clubs?

    5. Am I going to meet decent people? haha. I do have social skills so I am capable of meeting people that I like, but how are "boston guys" overall? Guys in DC have an interesting reputation/M.O. about them, so I'm curious to know what the average guy is like in BOS, if one can generalize a tiny bit icon_smile.gif

    6. Aaaand lastly I dont know ANYONE there so please feel free to message me if you'd like to chat

    Thanks so much guys, for all of your help!

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    Feb 28, 2011 3:13 AM GMT

    Hey cool welcome to Boston! Let's get a drink sometime.

    I live about a half mile from BMC. You could live in the South End (gayborhood) and walk to work. I live in North Dorchester which is a bit more gritty and diverse but also less expensive and has some cool spots.

    Get in touch if you'd like to chat in more detail. I've lived here since moving here for college, oh, I dunno, 20+ years ago.


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    Feb 28, 2011 6:55 AM GMT
    I haven't lived up there for years, but the neighborhoods near the Medical Center that are quintessentially "Bostonian" are places like the South End, Back Bay, Fenway all of which tend to be expensive (as DJ pointed out). Slightly cheaper is the student dominated section of Mission Hill, which was not so great for many years but has come around more recently (though it may not be so cheap these days).

    Dorchester is actually quite close to the Medical Center, and it also has the benefit of being the place I was born icon_smile.gif
    However, Dorchester covers a pretty large area and the neighborhoods will vary in terms of safety, rent etc. I have friends who have a nice place up on Ahsmont Hill in Dorchester and that area seems to be pretty happening.

    There's a lot to do in the general area--sort of depends on your interests. During the summer there are boats out to the harbor islands or across the bay to P-Town. Fortunately New England is pretty compact so there are all kinds of options. Rhode Island also has some cool stuff to do/see--feel free to ask if you want other suggestions.

    The gay scene in Boston always seemed a little "abercrombie-zombie" for my tastes, but that may have changed since I've not really been hanging around much there recently. Good luck! [Also be aware that Bostonians have a reputation for being unpleasant--but once you get past that they (we) are the best people around.]