The First Documented Gay Marriage - 1061 AD

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    The first gay marriage was celebrated in 1061 Galicia in Rairiz de Veiga
    One of the documents "A configuration gives Homosexualidade na Idade Media", a work that Carlos Callon XVI has just won the Science Prize Vicente Risco Members

    (Google translation...originally in Spanish)

    MJA - OURENSE named Pedro Diaz Muñoz Vandilaz and shared a house adjoining the church of Santa Maria de Ordes, in the town of Ourense Rairiz de Veiga, a small chapel where a 16 April 1061, ie 950 does years and with the consent of the pastor, celebrated the first homosexual marriage dated in Galicia and one of the first in Europe.
    This historic document, which was found in the Tombo Celanova Monastery and is now deposited in the Archives in Madrid, is one of the many striking additions to the research project "Friends and sodomites. A homosexualidade na Idade da Settings Media "of the scholar and professor Carlos Callon (Santa Uxía de Ribeira, A Coruña, 197icon_cool.gif with which just won the Prize XVI Vicente Risco Social Sciences, which failed yesterday promoted among others by the editorial Sotelo Blanco and Vincent Foundation Risco de Ourense.
    The jury for this prize worth 6,000 euros, consisted of Fernando Acuña, representing the City Council of Caldelas Castro, Teresa Devesa on behalf of the City Council of Allariz, Luis Martinez Davin and Xosé María Risco Eguileta, on behalf of the Fundación Vicente Risco, and Francisco Fernandez on behalf of the Foundation Sotelo Blanco, who will edit the work. The jury praised the work that Carlos Callon done in this trial, in which "reflects on the problems of male and female homosexuality in the Middle Ages, based on the medieval Galician lyric corpus, particularly the" songs of scorn and curses " , and historiographical and legal texts. In addition, at the discretion of the jury, the play examines in detail the birth of homophobic prejudice in the eleventh and twelfth centuries and its consolidation in the late Middle Ages. "
    "Grateful and happy"

    Carlos Callon, A concerned teacher Galego Portuguese Philology graduate, who serves as professor of Galician language and literature in secondary education, is very well known in Galicia for his work as chairman of the Language Standardisation Bureau, and his unwavering defense of the Galician front institutional and media harassment being treated.

    Nothing but the news showed Carlos Callon "grateful and happy" with this award and made a brief summary of the winning paper in which "analyze what constitutes anti-gay prejudice, how to create the idea of sodomy and how it becomes a sin something that had not been for the first thousand years of Christianity. "
    Each chapter of the book begins with a literary text or legal historiography stop at the "strong friendship" between men in works of medieval Galician prose and especially in the "Chronicle Troiana." It is "medieval cantigas, incorporating scenes of love two men, also caused astonishment in critical given the historical context," says Callon.

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    Very interesting icon_smile.gif thankyou!