Back in the push to sell the American people on invading Iraq - the Repub "honest mistake" was saying that Iraq and Saddam were behind 9-11.
They tried to sell that lie as often as they could get away with it.
But when questioned directly, they would say that there was no proof that Iraq and Saddam had anything to do with 9-11 and that they'd "misspoken" and made an "honest mistake".

Now, it's President Obama's nationality and unbringing.
It's been thoroughly proven that President Obama was born in Hawaii, and the details of his upbringing are common knowledge.
And yet, the Repubs continue to "mispeak" and try to spread lies.
Mike Huckabee is the latest -

This is no mistake.
This is Repubs straight up lying to the American people and hoping to get away with it by apologizing afterward.