Prayers for me

  • hectorjack

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    Mar 09, 2011 4:08 PM GMT
    Lives haven’t been so empty ever. I have a better job better pay and life style has definitely improved with amazing friends but still coming back to bed every day is painful and lonely. I am not able to pull it together. Fear the worse might happen tiring to be strong but not sure how long I can remain. It has noting to do with other’s. Yet emptiness has haunted me. Thought moving to a different city and moving away form family is a better way to deal with my parents acceptance of what I am but that seems not happening and here I am all alone in a new place not sure of myself .
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    Mar 09, 2011 4:58 PM GMT
    life is a challenge to us all, the hills we climb are not the same and some ascend them much easier than others. I know that saying get over it is not the answer, but if you can't work on being positive, then i think it is time to see a professional....they do help and they may just give you that extra boost you need.....everyday has sunshine, some days it's behind the clouds but it is always there.....stay strong, don't give up...IM me if you want...Keithicon_wink.gif