Okay, the proposal actually would have the moon be lesbian to the French, but gay to the Polish.
The question: Why stop at gendered nouns? If they are to enjoy these secret gendered lives, let us also offer them sexuality.

Okay language geeks come up with a creative system to add sexuality to gendered languages.
I realize some people consider sexuality to be dynamic, in which case some modular declension system might be in order!
Now, go, Create a world celestial bodies have needs too!


Early orientation suggestions:
Earth: Heteroflexible.
Moon: 100% Super Homosexual (maybe ask trueblueaussie for an explanation of what that entails...)
Mars: straight where male-gendered, but with closet curiosities
Venus: Pansexual
Jupiter: Straight
Saturn: Asexual
Uranus: too easy, not touching it (yes, I'm aware of the ironic double entendre)

Of course, planets are just the beginning.
Perhaps a general system of determining sexuality would be good. We could examine noun co-occurrences in some set of reasonably large corpuses to determine preferred gender pairings...icon_idea.gif