Hey Guys!

I'm a third year university student from England and was wondering if any could help me out with my dissertation research?

At the moment I'm doing a project looking at homosexuality within the sport of boxing. Alltough I'm gay and out myself I have no idea what being gay is like in what is veiwed primarily by some as a very heterosexul dominated sport.

For my final piece / performance (I'm a drama student) I'm putting together a 30min solo performance centred around these seemingly two very different worlds.

The themes I'm exploring are centered around theories of hypermasculinity and machoism. Basically I'm asking. What makes a man a man? And is there any distinction between a gay man and a strait man within the confines of a boxing ring?

I was wondering if anyone would be so kind as to share any of their experiances and thoughts on the subject with me? Positive or negetive, everything will be greatly appreciatted!