Just about all of us have them: years ago you and a previously-never-met person cross paths through work/school, had similar interests, similar friends and ended up bonding and becoming good friends. Moving quickly over the next 7-or-so years, you both have slowly changed, hung out with differing crowds, changed in personality and interests (along with the other friends around you). You both have essentially been growing apart, although still do talk and see each other. Let's say you had both never met those 7 years ago, and then met today, you probably wouldn't be friends. At this point, it's starting to seem that maybe the only thing you both have in common is your history as friends together.

Okay, so let's get to the specifics of the situation:
The personality, interests & ways of operating of myself and that of my lady-friend are very different.
I like to party, be loud, shockingly-rude for jokes and do what those what I feel like, even when there's a bit of risk, because I feel things always turn out for the best.
She likes being an accountant, talking about cats, complaining never finding guys that life her, being timid and dislikes change/things not strictly under control.

She likes chatting and hanging out with my friends and I because we bring excitement and new things into her life. All of my friends that have met her tell me she is very boring, to which I do agree. Of course none of us have told her this, because it would hurt her deeply. Not only because it's a shot to her core, but because over the years many of her friends have melted away from her for the same sort of reasoning.

What do I do? I don't want to hurt her, but at times it's almost painful having to be her friend in order to entertain her and keep her from growing more depressed. I do know a person or two who have told her the truth about how they see her, and she did not take it well.