Stupid laws clearly aren't confined to any one party.

Why would someone want to make it illegal to hold a private party that features pre-recorded music and lasts over 3.5 hours? I can’t think of any other reason than the desire to give police even more laws they can arrest non-violent people for, and to exert total control over what people can do with their free time. This is a story that has died down a little over the past month or so but it still demands concern, at least in my opinion.

If you were to have one of these dangerous unauthorized gatherings under Fiona Ma’s proposed bill AB-74, you would be subject to arrest and a $10,000 fine, or twice the amount of total money generated by the party. Her justification for this is that 2 people died from using “drugs” while at a similar event To punish everyone because of two people who made a terrible mistake seems irresponsible, irrational and unjust. Such an approach is not only unreasonable, but thoroughly immoral. It is simply not possible to legislate away all the dangers in society. Making something illegal does not make it disappear either; it only drives it underground (thus causing even more danger and increasing the likelihood of illegal drug trafficking). Furthermore, extending her logic to the rest of human activity, Ms. Ma should also rigorously pursue legislation banning driving, skydiving, swimming and other leisure activities that could potentially result in death.