It is amazing that I have been a professional Web and Graphics Technician for 18 years and never experienced this feature as it exists today. Pretty cool.

This kid half my age was so inspired by me yet lives on the other side of the planet and of course I feel that brother instinct that says "one world".

Anyway, SUCH A BEAUTIFUL kid man! It amazes me when other's don't realize the beauty you see in me is the same beauty that exists in you. You just don't know any other way to talk to it. I am SO damn easy when it comes to some people that just want to find themselves and I DO NOT like me being held up as any "god" of course at your expense.

I wish I could just make people realize I am not the one you should be holding onto when you have your own life to live and learn who YOU ARE!!! I feel the Goddamn hurt even when you have used every other method in the world to distract me from it.

Why? Because I have been to the most HORRIBLE rock bottoms and I have lived the life of those at the top of the mountain. Jesus didn't care about this shit but, he never claimed that by you discovering the Truth means you are letting down the ones that have already discovered it.

Live your OWN Truth little brothers. I can only TRY to pass it on but, I do it knowing you still won't believe me until you try it for yourself... And that means just living your life to the fullest until someday you have enough love left over to give it to somebody else. It is Science but, it is also amazingly Spiritual. It is a piece of karma we all react to.

Anyway, I was just touched by this kid... Whole life ahead of him and up against a lot of the same temptations that could drag him down as anyone.

Don't just GLORIFY God's people... Glorify yourself as one of those people. For the good guys, they don't know what that means... For the ignorant men, there is nothing wrong with us making mistakes... Okay back to my life!!!icon_lol.gif