Note: For those who want me to give out Walkthroughs, id be happy to icon_biggrin.gif (thing is, i only know Ventus' story cuz i used him).

Awesome Trailer for those who don't know this Game (for PSP only)

1st stage: Dwarf Woodlands (arena lvl: 1 or 2 idk, i forgot)

-Ventus arrives in this Dimension hoping to catch up with his dear friend Terra, instead, he finds 7 little men marching to the mine entrance. He follows them
(find all crates hidden around the area, watch for the Unversed as you proceed along the path)
(cut scenes)
Information: Find all 6 dwarves hiddin in the little crates, watch for the Unversed(or Heartless as called in KH1, KH2 icon_razz.gif ).
(cut scene)

-When Ventus arrives in the cottage, he hears a distant cry. He then follows that voice(After you follow that voice, You will meet/encounter Snow White(cutscene); You will then have to prevent her from being pulled by the evil trees)


-dont Shotlock the enemies(u might not be able to watch Snow white as she moves around, therefore u can't see the trees move and try to grab her). this is what u should do: try pushing away/weakening the enemies, while that is happening, observe the surroundings(trees) if it moves to Snow White(once the trees move to Snow White, Follow the Button Instructions). Keep on doing that till she reaches near the exit(careful, b4 u even go to the exit, you will have to fight off few more unversed; after that, talk to her once u reach the point).


-Ven gets a bit upset that the 7 dwarves won't believe that he is a good guy, so he goes around to try and find any Unversed. Turns out he did:

Boss Battle:
Big Tree(Unversed)
Hp gauge: bout 5 bars
Boss Behavior: He shakes and bombards u with his fruit bombs(possible branch punching after bomb drop, so block it), after that, he jumps and drops poison puddles(watch out for it); after that, he stops to plant his roots into the ground and hits u from the underground with his roots. Oh, if u DO piss him off, DO NOT go near him(he will turn black for few seconds but he will still hit u).

Tips: He can't hit u with his blue bombs and poison bombs for few turns(it will grow back for abouuuut 1 and a half mins less), so u have the chance to beat the cr*p outta him; When u weaken him(2 bars of HP left), he will keep on jumping(tries to stomp u) and plants his roots underground and hits u; roll dodge everything, it takes few seconds for him to pull up his roots up.

p.s. if u get lucky critical hits, he might get stunned for a min. yeahhh.

p.s.s im too lazy to continue for today(more tomorrow) icon_biggrin.gif.