Tibial plateau fracture of the knee

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    Mar 17, 2011 4:41 PM GMT
    Hey guys, very disappointed here, I fell hard and fractured my knee. They call it a tibial plateau fracture. I'm going for an mri today to see if there's any further damage. In my dreams I see myself losing all my muscle and replacing it with fat. I'm kinda discouraged. I know that I can do upper body but I injured my wrist too. Ideas? Thanks guys, I appreciate any advice you can give as to how to keep my weight the same... (I quit smoking 30 days ago too so abstaining from snacking is even harder now!!!) icon_mad.gif TONY
  • scott70

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    Mar 25, 2011 10:40 PM GMT
    Not sure if this is comparable, but I fell HARD and shattered my patella this past December and I'm still recovering. Even though my body type is classic ectomorph, I assumed that the inactivity combined with the time of year (Christmas cooking & cold weather) would lead to weight gain. Instead, my weight stayed steady and I actually put on a little more muscle up top and my fat % dropped thanks to being on crutches for months.

    Between the pain and the meds, my appetite just wasn't there. A friend of mine runs an Italian restaurant and he said he's noticed regular patrons who've had ankle and knee injuries don't eat as much as they had been and they all claimed to be losing weight. Perhaps the body is trying to protect itself from further injury and stress caused by increased load and pressure on the joint? Hard to say, but stranger things happen.

    If you find yourself in a brace/cast, though, you will certainly lose muscle in that limb since it takes almost no time for an immobile muscle to forget how to function and start to atrophy. Recovery will be slow, but you're fortunate to have warmer temps on your side so no excuse for not getting out on your crutches for as much cardio as your body can handle.

    Oh, and I'm sure they told you this, but DO NOT SMOKE! It seriously slows bone recovery (and you know how horrible it is for your body on a good day). Try to keep as much protein-rich food around as possible for the cravings. Maybe an easy to prepare, cold protein shake could be your new addiction.

    Good luck!

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    Mar 25, 2011 11:08 PM GMT
    How the hell did you do that? Fall off your skateboard? OOOOOWWWW, I can't imagine impacting the knee hard enough to fracture it, must've blown up like a balloon.

    I had a compound (multiple, not through the skin) fracture of my tibia/fibula several years ago. They put a rod in it and I was in a cast for several months. My leg was freakin' emaciated when I finally got out of the cast, it totally sucked, but came back quite nicely and in fairly short time. It was no big deal in the end.

    Good luck and take advantage of the pain meds.