So I've met someone, I met them on Adam, this isn't the kina guy I usually go for, at all, meaning he's not in very good shape and has no incentive to be, he's not really active, not aggressive at all and not very horny, so he's essentially the polar opposite of me in pretty much every way, he's even a lil fem which I don't really dig.  The issue is, I don't have a job.  I haven't had one for quite a while, my father passed shortly after I got out of the military, and moving home and selling the farm took quite a bit of time, after that I tried school for a while but just wasn't into it.  Now I'm looking for a job, and things have gotten pretty bad for me, really bad, my car was repossessed 3 days before Christmas, then I got a contract job that lasted for 1 month, that helped some.  4 days ago my electricity was shut off.  I have no food, and am now riding a bicycle to look for a job.  I'm surviving on what food I had saved that doesn't require cooking, And the food banks are all too far away.  The next step is homelessness, and that is a very real possibility at this point.  I have a list of credentials a mile long, air force jet engine mechanic, auto mechanic, self taught computer wiz, and a lot of other things, and yet I still can't find a job, I'm trying everywhere, I've lowered my standard to fast food, yet I still don't get so much as a phone call.  What am I doing wrong?  I couldn't possibly be more qualified to make sandwiches, and The other question is why isn't he running screaming in the other direction?  That actually frightens me somewhat.  What kind of person would want to be around someone like me, someone who's life is a complete and utter disaster.  I do t know what to do about either issue, i don't know if there is anything I can do about the job issue, as for the guy I don't want to hurt him, and I refuse to take advantage of him.  What should I do?