This is an example of what the Tea party can do on a state level..Imagine if they get into the white house..might as well start making steel bracelets and plan to move to the south so i can start picking cotton. what the hell is going on in this country? If this isn't a clear example of this party's agenda then you who agree with this man is delusional. Its like every strategic step taken is to undermine, prevent minorities from reaching any social goals in any urban arena. If this nasty human being gets what he wants especially with the bill concerning granting loans to minority business you know the repercussions? Basically all black areas will become slums as there wont be any businesses to bring in revenue and help grow the neighborhood. I know as a leader one can be self-interested but for fucks sakes i thought ones Human Nature would prevent you from only looking out for ones partys interest and actually working to better the masses. Basically this is how your governor will transform neighborhoods in Florida to resemble areas now seen in Detroit, dead unpopulated and a lowered employment rate for minorities. It also shocks me as to why a state like florida who has a huge minority demographic which outnumbers corrupted conservative ideals/ followers never end up having a representative get to the Gov Platform.

Imagine it..From this to its happened before to urban areas.