I see another war over oil in the near future.

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    Mar 19, 2011 9:23 PM GMT
    Let me start by saying "Being Zimbabwean and having a 85 year old leader who has little to no regard for the opinions or the lives of his people i understand completely the plight of the Libian people" i want to see them free of Kadaffi, free to speak their mind and chart their own destiny.
    That said i am finding it hard to understand why the U.S government and the chipmunks have taken to military action so soon. Im wondering that if this had happened in Bosnia or some non-oil country would this have happend as soon? Secondly, What started as demonstrations has turned into a civil war,just curious where they get the arms from? I just dont want to see a legitimate revolution become another oil spin-off. Prey for Libia

    So im intrested to know what you people think?
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    Mar 19, 2011 10:29 PM GMT
    I think that most Americans pay very little attention to whats really behind our Governments involvement in the middle east, most Americans are far too comfortable to even think this through any further than protecting "our interests". as far as most Americans know the problem is caused by muslims hate for our freedoms as Bush told them.

    The ones who think there is some involvement having to do with oil think no further than its our perfect right to try controling the middle east for the sake of our thurst for oil. they don't think nor care that we fuck up the world for "our interests".

    As for Bosnia, don't forget that there is a major construction of oil pipe lines in the southern portion, same through Afghanistan, The US Neo Cons were hell bent on tapping into the sea basin close to these areas and Georgia which was another location of our US meddling for the sake of controling oil for "our interests". this is what we get when Big Oil Corps spend a lot of money buying US politicians, from both the Repubs and the Dems.

    When will the US wake up and move toward other sourses of energy ?? When big oil stops buying Politicians or the price of Oil gets so high that Americans are no longer comfortable and demand other sources for their comfort levels to return. All sad but so true