I suppose I shouldn't have expected to be the only RJer hiking the AT, but was surprised to see another RJer post a thread about it; I wonder if I'll recognize heyjude by the time we pass each other. icon_smile.gif

Like heyjude, I'm hiking the Appalachian Trail this year with a good friend. She's a friend I made while serving in the Peace Corps, and the genesis of my hiking the trail lies in her prodding. Not being from the east coast, I'd never heard of the Appalachian Trail, though I'm an avid, life-long hiker and camper myself. Check out heyjude's thread for a bit more information on the AT; here's the properly hyperlinked site he posted.

Unlike heyjude, I've never hiked even a part of the AT. However; as I mentioned, I'm a lifelong hiker, and I've spent many years hiking through the mountains of Idaho and in Armenia during my Peace Corps years. I'm very excited to be hiking 2200 miles over the course of 5 months, and am getting ready to leave in just a few weeks. We're also hiking south-north (Mt. Spring, GA to Mt. Katahdin, ME) instead of ME-GA, as heyjude is doing. I'm very curious what I'll look like by the time I get finished; I'm looking forward to losing almost all the body fat I have, even while trying to eat 4000-6000 calories a day. It's going to be an intense, invigorating experience.

We'd love to have you follow along, if you're interested. We'll be posting to a blog as we go along, probably every few days (I'll be taking my iPhone, and we'll be using that to blog when we get service). Here's the site:

Away from the Clank of the World

Follow along as we experience both the joy and suffering of this adventure!