I'm in my early 20s (turning 22 this year) and I'm looking for a chill gay bar to go to in San Francisco. I've never really surrounded myself with gays before, so I don't exactly have the greatest connections to the community as I'd like. I've had same-sex partners before (I'm bi) but they weren't exactly of age to go out drinking, nor did they have a circle of gay friends. They had more gay friends, definitely, but their close knit group wasn't predominantly gay so no luck in trying to get a connection there.

I'm being a curious 20 something year old male now and want to meet new people, new experiences and such. So bottom line, any gay bars in San Francisco anyone here can recommend for me to meet people around my age? My only expectation with doing this is just to meet new people and broaden my experience. To say, "I've done that." It's not for an easy hook-up or whatnot but rather to experience the "gay" social life for a brief moment.

So, anyone? And if you live in SF/SJ or somewhere in the Bay Area and wanna do this shit with me, hit me up!