It’s been a full year since we passed the Affordable Care Act.

Health care reform expands coverage, helps small businesses, and most importantly saves lives. But the Tea Party Republicans will stop at nothing to dismantle and destroy the reforms we worked so hard for. The best way to combat the lies is to spread the word about what the Affordable Care Act actually is.

I want to share Violet’s story to show how important this reform is. Watch this video and share it with your friends.

For Violet, this isn’t a philosophical debate about the size of government. It’s about whether or not she will have coverage throughout her life. Before last year, because of her epilepsy, Violet would have quickly hit her lifetime coverage and could have been denied coverage because of a “pre-existing condition.” But the Affordable Care Act ensures that Violet will have the medical care she needs.

No one should die because they can’t afford health care, certainly not in a country as great as America. That is why we came together to pass this reform. While Tea Party Republicans scream about make-believe communism and death panels, we are working to save lives like Violet’s and thousands more.