In a stunning show of political douche-baggery, two right-wingers have compared unions and teachers to terrorists in just the past two weeks.

On, John Ranson - allegedly a "finance expert" compared UAW to "suicide bombers in is recent column:


He wrote:

John "Douchebag" RansomIf they can't get what they want at the negotiating table, the UAW will now try the economic equivalent of a suicide bombing of the economy.

Full post (if you can keep your lunch down) here:

Previously, a Fox News "contributor" Sandy Rios, wrote this headline:


She further wrote:

Sandy "I'm a cunt" RiosHamas and Hezbollah are famous for gaining power through providing practical help and humanitarian aid to citizens who are later called upon to further their deeper, more dangerous agenda.

Teachers…laborers…and sympathetic farmers beware. Organizing for America, the SEIU, the NEA and many of America’s labor unions have more on their mind than accomplishing your concerns… and more in common with the violence and intimidation of Hamas than with protecting “workers.”

Full delusional ranting here: