I only came out last october an.. since... Random gay guys keep adding me as a friend on facebook in my area but this never use to happen before i came out ect.. but it's getting more an more frequant lately. But i'm confused... I don't know or have never seen any of these guys before? An i'm wondering how they've added me on fb, like how would they know who i am ect.. they must know i'm bi cause they wouldn't have added me. Once i accept them they message me... an try to make out it's just a random add but afterwards there asking me out for a drink ?.. This one guy added me just before an said "hi thanks for accepting me, i've herd about you from someone so added you x"... never seen him before but asked him what he had herd about me? an he said it was nothing bad or anything. Why doya think these guys are adding me? I couldn't randomly add gay guys in my area on fb, seems abit creepy lol