Solar Flares - the effect on the physical/emotional body believe it or not?

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    Mar 25, 2011 8:32 PM GMT
    These are interesting times we live in icon_smile.gif
    Geomagnetic Activity on the Sun Influences our Thoughts
    Solar activity is known to influence human consciousness. Solar flares
    affect the Central Nervous System (stomach lining), all brain
    activity(including equilibrium), along with human behavior and all
    psycho-physiological (mental-emotional- physical) response. Solar flares
    can cause us to be nervous, anxious, worried, jittery, dizzy, shaky,
    irritable, lethargic, exhausted, forgetful, have heart palpitations,
    feel nauseous and queasy, and last but not least, to have prolonged head
    pressure and headaches; have you been experiencing any of the above

    The solar flares and photon waves are changing the fabric of our
    physical reality as they have a powerful effect on our physical cellular
    level, causing our cellular memories to awaken and clear. We often
    experience this as the body heating up in the form of "hot
    flashes." Our lower emotions are low frequency energy stored in our
    cells from past experiences and traumas that we have encountered and
    never processed -so they become stored as cellular memories.

    Photon energy is a much higher frequency energy that pulls up the lower
    emotional frequency so it can calibrate to the higher frequency. Thus we
    find ourselves releasing these lower emotions of sadness and grief
    without />
    knowing why. These spells will last for about twenty minutes and we are
    left wondering where these feelings came from out of the blue. The
    elements of our blueprint are interfaced in the cellular consciousness
    and when the blueprint is amplified through photon energies various
    elements of the blueprint leak into our consciousness and we begin to
    remember our soul's purpose. We are pulled to make changes in our
    life but we don't really realize why.

    The interesting fact about this energy is that since it is of a higher
    frequency it creates the power of instant manifestation of our thoughts;
    which means whatever we think, we create instantly. This never before
    happened in our lifetime and that is why many people are writing books
    on the subject on the Power of Attraction.

    Photonic energy connects to our thoughts so it is important that we know
    what we want, rather than what we don't want, otherwise, we will
    manifest more of what we don't want. If you are in the process of
    change and transformation this energy works well for you. On the other
    hand, if you are stuck in the past through victimization and anger, you
    will simply manifest more reasons to remain stuck in victimization until
    you are ready to release it.

    The Effects of Recent Solar Flares
    Many people are feeling agitated and un-easy recently. The solar flares
    can break apart old patterns that are no longer needed so new ones can
    emerge. This can make us feel hyper and exhausted all at the same time.
    It can also wreak havoc with technology such as computers.

    We are beginning to notice many new symptoms. Time and space are
    beginning to wobble even more erratically than before. We seem to be losing track of time. We lose words when we are speaking. The day simply disappears. Many of us are not sleeping very well . . . again. There is lots of tossing and turning in the night and many are having unusual dreams. We are feeling huge power surges in the body; these surges are followed by energy drops.
    There are reports of nausea, body aches and pains, and dizziness. Many
    people feel a sense of overwhelming grief. Some feel like they are
    walking on water. Others say that when they close their eyes at night,
    everything spins. There are reports of visual disturbances, inner ear
    issues, buzzing in ears, throat and thyroid issues, cold feet, and even
    a weird symptom of having tongue dryness.

    Are you experiencing any of this? This isn't anything to be afraid of …
    just be aware of what it is and get extra rest and drink lots of water.
    And whatever you do, keep in mind that our systems are being
    recalibrated in ways that will in the end, allow us to resonate at a
    much higher frequency
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    Mar 26, 2011 2:48 AM GMT
    I've known about this for a while. I also keep a fairly close eye on because, as a pilot, I want to know when to expect my GPS and communications to malfunction. The emotional part is just a latent effect that I'm aware of, but don't pay much attention to...more of an expected phenomenon.