I love the It Gets Better project.
As I am sure most of you are aware, it was a video project created by Dan Savage and Terry Miller (Dan's husband) to, initially, get 100 videos however, they surpassed 10,000 videos and had President Obama, Hillary Clinton, VP Biden and numerous celebrities.

I know its not the answer to every question about being gay, equal rights and acceptance, but I think its really important to tell gays, specifically gay youth, that its gets better after high school.

I bought the book and am reading it now and, even though I have accepted that I am gay and I am out and don't worry about what others think of me and any bullying that may go on now, it resonates with me.
I love hearing about others struggles, issues with growing up, acceptance and overcoming those issues.

If I may, I encourage you to contribute $25 to the project to get a "It Gets Better" book in a local High School library.
I will be sponsoring 10 books to go into HS libraries.
Plus, any contributions to the project are tax deductible.