Evil Homosexicles Brainwashin' our Chillrens

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    Mar 27, 2011 5:15 PM GMT

    Thoughts anyone?
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    Mar 28, 2011 12:11 AM GMT
    The British government is funding initiatives to teach about homosexuality to children as young as fours years of age ('Gay lessons' in maths, geography and science). This article received more than 1000 comments on The Telegraph's website.

    "... The lesson plans, spread across the curriculum, will be offered to all schools, which can choose whether or not to make use of them. But critics last night called the initiative a poor use of public money which could distract from the teaching of "core" subjects. Among the suggestions are:
    Maths – teaching statistics through census findings about the number of homosexuals in the population, and using gay characters in scenarios for maths problems;
    Design and technology – encouraging pupils to make symbols linked to the gay rights movement;
    Science – studying animal species where the male takes a leading role in raising young, such as emperor penguins and sea horses, and staging class discussions on different family structures, including same-sex parents;
    Geography – examining the transformation of San Francisco's Castro district in the 1960s from a working-class Irish area to the world's first "gay neighbourhood", and considering why homosexuals move from the countryside to cities;
    Languages – using gay characters in role play scenarios, and teaching "LGBT vocabulary".
    The lesson plans, written by teachers and backed by the Department for Education, will be available for schools to download from the Schools Out website..."