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    Mar 27, 2011 11:22 PM GMT
    Hey Guys,
    Im trying to order P90X, but I dont know if I should trust the beachbody.com website or if I should order it through eBay or Amazon. How did the guys who ordered it and are using it, get it? And what does it come with if you order it through the beachbody website instead of ordering it through eBay or Amazon? Is it more special or something? How about their chin up bar and powerstands? Are they any good? Thanks...
  • umphreak

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    Mar 30, 2011 2:51 AM GMT
    I've ordered from beachbody--they're a legit company. eBay is cheaper but they're illegal copies (likely). You just get the disks, a nutrition book and program guide. There might be some extra junk included.

    Chin up bars and power stands are over priced. Pretty much everywhere can beat those prices.