Please tell me this is a joke?

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    Mar 28, 2011 2:14 PM GMT
    Who the fuck is running the so called "Gay Rights" Movement? Asking 11-year olds if they are gay? Kids should not be focused on having to identify so early. This stuff is what makes sites like freerepublic, americans for truth about homosexuality and the like believe that there is a "Militant, Agressive, Homosexual Agenda"


    Fury at equality watchdog after it calls for teachers to ask 11-year-olds if they are gay

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    Children as young as 11 could soon be asked about their sexuality without their parents’ consent, it has emerged.
    Teachers, nurses and youth workers are being urged to set up pilot studies aimed at monitoring adolescent sexual orientation for the first time.
    A report commissioned by the Government’s equalities watchdog found that it was ‘practically and ethically’ possible to interview young children about their sexuality.

    Controversially, it says parental consent, while ‘considered good practice’, is not a legal necessity.
    The report for the much-criticised Equality and Human Rights Commission recommends that children should be asked if they are gay from the age of 11. A record should be kept of those unsure or ‘questioning’ their sexuality.

    It says monitoring sexual orientation among youngsters could help to prevent them from becoming victims of discrimination, and claims that ‘some young people begin to question their sexual orientation as early as age eight and may begin to identify as LGB (lesbian, gay, bisexual) from early adolescence’.
    The report has provoked outrage. Graham Stuart, Tory chairman of the Commons education select committee, said the plans were ‘invasive, sinister and threatening’.
    He added: ‘School should be a place of safety, not a place where pupils are picked over for the purpose of some quango; and many children won’t understand what they are talking about.’
    The report – Researching and Monitoring Adolescence and Sexual Orientation: Asking the Right Questions, at the Right Time – says it is ‘critical’ to track children’s sexuality to ‘shed light on the complexities of young people’s developing sexual orientation and how this may disadvantage them’.
    It tell researchers not to dismiss gay feelings of interviewees as ‘a passing phase’.
    Some youngsters, it says, may use categories such as ‘questioning’, ‘queer’, ‘pansexual’, ‘genderqueer’, ‘asexual’, ‘pan-romantic’ and even ‘trisexual’.
    Last night, a commission spokesman said: ‘This is independent research produced to help the commission form its policy direction.’

    Why put pressure on an 11-year old to identify sexually when their education is a priority first?

    Most 11-year olds don't even know what terms like "asexual" or "genderqueer" mean.

    This just adds fuel to anti-gay suites that are constantly on the prowl for negative news about Homosexuals.

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    Mar 28, 2011 2:36 PM GMT
    Is this accurate? I might note this is in the UK, not the US.

    My own opinion is that 11 is too early to ask or to determine sexual orientation. As the famous British zoologist Desmond Morris has noted, children that age tend to bond with their own gender. He theorizes it intensifies the sexual attraction that later occurs in late puberty between the 2 opposite genders (except for gays & lesbians, of course).

    In any case, it would be difficult to distinguish at age 11 between normal pre-adolsecent development, and future sexual orientation. Either this study is flawed, or something of a fraud.
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    Mar 28, 2011 2:38 PM GMT
    [quote][cite]Art_Deco said...My own opinion is that 11 is too early to ask or to determine sexual orientation....[/quote]

    agree! some peeps in their 20's, 30's and 40's still don't know that they are gay...or are slow to realize the truth....much less at age 11.
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    Mar 28, 2011 2:53 PM GMT
    It's not uncommon for journalist to manipulate news stories and create sensationalistic Headlines, but this group seems to think that by probing about kids orientation that it will aid in preventing future bullying. So it is not far fetched, but this is completely unnecessary. icon_mad.gificon_eek.gificon_confused.gif

    ::sigh:: This is why we can't have nice things.