I'm very proud of the young man's accomplishments and am perplexed by some people's gripes about his having a decided physical "advantage" against wrestlers in the same weight class.

Generally the advantage we hear about is he has a much stronger upper body given he doesn't waste weight on that extra leg. And I can imagine going after a near leg from the tie-up and winding up hugging myself lol.

But he can't scissor you. Not without a second hip or leg. He has to sprawl and go-behind with one leg instead of two. He's not going to trip you. He can't hook both legs to lock in, say, a double grapevine. And he still has to sustain his balance and stance to keep all that weight above his opponent. I'd say it all evens out.

Wrestlers with "dis"abilities like Robles, Kyle Maynard, Nick Ackerman, and Dock Kelly are exceptional and inspirational.