Days to Save the Grand Canyon

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    Mar 29, 2011 10:49 PM GMT
    Days to Save the Grand Canyon

    The Grand Canyon, one of America's greatest treasures, is threatened by a huge wave of Uranium mining -- and the deadline for public comment is in six days.

    For two years, a hard-won moratorium on mining has protected the Canyon, but the ban is now set to expire. If the federal government doesn't renew it, a "Uranium Rush" of mining would permanently scar the face of this unique and priceless land, devastate local communities, and endanger water supplies for millions who live nearby.

    Lobbyists are right now pushing the U.S. Bureau of Land Management to open the floodgates for mines, but a 20 year ban is on the table. A public outcry helped secure the embargo last time and if enough of us raise the alarm again we could ensure the Canyon is mine free -- this time for decades. The deadline for public comment is April 4th -- Let’s flood the public consultation with messages to save the Grand Canyon! Send a comment now, and tell everyone to do the same:

    During the Bush years, Uranium prices soared -- and the mining industry rushed to stake mining claims on the federal land where the Grand Canyon sits. Over 1,100 mining claims have already been filed within 5 miles of the Grand Canyon. To mine uranium, companies rip up huge tracts of land to extract radioactive material -- before processing it for use in weapons and nuclear power plants.

    The sheer destruction of the mines led the Havasupai Indians, who live in the canyon itself, and all tribal governments in northern Arizona to ban uranium mining on all their lands. Such opposition, paired with widespread public pressure, helped persuade the Obama administration to put in place the temporary ban shortly after it took office.

    But now the mining moratorium his running out -- Uranium extraction is more lucrative than ever, and the pressure coming from the powerful mining lobby is intense. Only a massive wave of national pressure can keep the Grand Canyon off-limits to destructive uranium mining. Let's make the public's voice impossible to ignore -- send a message here:

    America's national park system is one of our greatest progressive legacies. But it's always been a battle to protect it -- with lobbyists for private profiteering building strength. This week, one of the most beloved icons of our natural heritage is on the line. Let's unite around a vision of our nation that preserves its beauty for our children, their children, and all the generations to come.
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    Mar 29, 2011 11:38 PM GMT