I'm a student studying journalism. I am writing an article on college students who work as nightclub dancers/strippers and adult film actors in order to earn some extra money while paying tuition. The article a feature writing assignment for my 'Reporting' class. I am looking for people who might be interested in being interviewed for my article. Specifically, I'm looking for people who are currently enrolled in a 2 or 4 year program, as well as former students who are trying to pay off loans. Also, anyone who has academic knowledge related to these careers. Interviews will be done via e-mail and participants do not have to identify by their legal names if they do not feel comfortable doing so (film models have used their on-screen names, for example).

If you know anyone who fits my description and might be interested in contributing, could you pass along my information to them? I'm adding the questions below. My contact email for the article is jpcreporting@gmail.com

Thank you! icon_biggrin.gif