Israel studies plan to build island of Gaza strip

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    Mar 30, 2011 7:38 AM GMT

    Israel studies plan to build island of Gaza strip
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    Mar 30, 2011 4:17 PM GMT
    MEH !!! 5 Billion for the island, Hell !!! The US gives Israel that much in about 4 years at the rate of 1.2 + billion per year. Even the Republicans don't mind spending on Israel, and the Republican Far Righter Christian Fundamentalists and TBaggers should love this Landing strip, it should be a great place for their "New Jerusalem" to come in for a landing.

    Hey yah !!! I think we've hit on something here with this Island Landing Strip Idea, the end time New Jerusalem fanatics (USEFULL IDIOTS according to C4) could put this building project up on their Sunday 'offerings' request, for their Israel Pitty Show and take up collections to build this thing for jesus return. Bet these far righters would buy into this one in a hurry !!

    Now lets work to get Beck and Palin in on this one. Yessiree with his blackboard I'll bet between Him and Palin they could map out the very route for the New Jerusalem to come in by !!! Maybe this way the Jews who killed jesus could make up for it by this landing strip for the return. This is a win win for everyone !!! SO WHEN DO WE START ??

    LOL !!! I just couldn't resist this bit of 'sacrilege' !!!!!