A Hook Up Site for College Students

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    Mar 30, 2011 7:52 PM GMT
    There's a new hook up site for any sexual orientation, but this one is only for college students.

    A new website, whose founder describes it as a departure from "conventional" dating sites, has expanded to include Northwestern.

    Called eduHookups, the site advertises itself as a place "where fun comes to thrive" and consists of anonymous listings for "casual," "serious" and "platonic" relationships.

    The site was founded in February by a University of Chicago undergraduate student and has received national media attention. In its first editio it was the UChicago Hookups but changed its name after expanding this week to include NU and other schools.

    EduHookups's founder, a pre-med student who wished to be identified only as "Steve," said the site began as part of a class project. Several ideas were pitched, but ultimately he and his group decided to produce a website that exclusively focused on "hooking up" rather than potential relationships.

    "We wanted something students would be interested in," Steve said. "We thought a hook-up site would be good because as far as we knew there weren't other sites like this that existed. The University of Chicago has a reputation of being somewhat socially awkward or socially repressed, we figured, why not try to change that?"

    He said the site has been successful enough so far, with 900 students registered, that they have been able to expand to include NU and Columbia College Chicago. Next, they are taking on Washington University in St. Louis, Yale and Brown.

    Steve said they plan to target highly ranked academic institutions and areas where several schools are clustered in cities but may eventually include state schools, smaller schools and "less-known" schools. He said this is in part by design.

    "In my opinion, the more higher-caliber schools tend to have more liberal and open-minded students," Steve said. "We feel to capitalize on that is the most effective way to expand the site, at first at least."

    Students post anonymously, but they must register to use the site using a ".edu" email address from the schools eduHookups currently serves.

    Steve said this, along with ban systems and industry-standard encryption methods, should protect students on the site.

    "We are able to weed out users with malicious intentions," he said.

    About 50 NU students have registered with the site so far. Reactions have been mixed both among national and local news outlets and students.

    "Since we did start with the idea of hooking up, I think that's considered not socially acceptable to people," Steve said. "Admittedly, it's attracted controversy and criticism."

    Berkcan Akpinar said he had not heard of the site but did not plan to use it.

    "I think it's creepy," the Weinberg sophomore said. "It's weird as hell. That's a loss of dignity."

    Weinberg freshman Kate Ransdell said she had heard about eduHookups but did not feel positively about it.

    "I think it's sad you can't approach someone in person," she said.

    Weinberg sophomore Zane Khademi said the idea of the site was funny.

    "They have to be pretty desperate," he said.

    In an opening monologue of "The Tonight Show," host Jay Leno provided some commentary as well.

    "A place to hook up with college kids? There's already a place for that," he said. "It's called college."

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    Mar 30, 2011 7:54 PM GMT
    Hmmm...maybe I should go back to college. icon_biggrin.gif
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    Mar 30, 2011 8:10 PM GMT
    This is not something that would really interest me, but I bet this will spread nationwide and become the new facebook for sex among college students. It seems in the college years, many just want hook ups because they don't want to be committed to any relationship when they are so young yet. They want to explore their options more.

    When I looked at the site, they cover all sexual orientations with the categories "men4women,", "women4men," "women4women," and "men4men". They also have an "other" category probbably for 3-somes, groups, and other orgies, including bisexual 3 somes.

    The only good thing I would say about this as opposed to other hook up sites is eduHookups is open to members of selected colleges and universities only, while other sites are public. This may keep it a little more safe, but you still need to be safe when chatting and hooking up, even on a site like this that has membership restrictions. And because an EDU email address is required to sign up on the site, the amount of spam/fakes/etc can be kept to a minimum. Also, you share a common bond with everyone on the site as college students interested in higher learning. You can chat with students in your own school that you may not have any other contact with and may form some great friendships. And because it's not exclusively just gay men, you have opportunities to interact with str8 men and women as well, which is kind of a neat thing.
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    Mar 30, 2011 8:46 PM GMT
    I can see bisexual college men really liking this with gay college men and women looking for sex. haha