So, I finally got around to watching one of the "Here! Productions" versions of the Donald Strachey gay detective series. Of course, like for any book, they had to condense the plot and change it around to make it fit into a movie. And bring it forward in time 30 years.

Not that the book was high literature or anything. But they made it into a completely different story. And toned it down from "R" to "PG." But it seems to me that the value of the book is lost by making all of the gay and lesbian couples into perfect monogamous, vanilla, Ward and June couples. It comes across as cloying and cheap.

Keeping it grittier, and a bit sexier, and a bit meaner, would have made a much better and more honest movie. Or so say I.

And OMFG, what happened to Margot Kidder? I couldn't even figure out who she was until the credits!